QUIZ TDA 2.14: Healthy diet

1.A healthy diet consist of

a)Protein, vitamins, fibre and water
b)Protein, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrate, and fat
c)Protein, fibre, minerals and fat
d)Both a and b

2.Calcium in the diet is required for

a)Growth of teeth
b)Produce healthy blood cells
c)Strengthen bones
d)Both a and b
e)Both a and c

3.Fibre in the diet helps to prevent


4.Carbohydrate include

a)Starch and sugar
b)Starch and fat
c)Sugar and fat
d)Starch, sugar and fat

5.Which of the following are minerals:

a)Iron, potassium and calcium
b)Starch, sugar and fibre
c)Lactose, fructose and amino acids

6.Which of the following foods contain calcium?

a)Meat and vegetables
b)Cheese and milk
c)Bread and jam
d)Both a and b

7.Which foods have high protein content?

a)Bread, butter and cheese
b)Fish, chicken and eggs
c)Cream, cabbage and onions
d)Bananas, apples and oranges

8.Which food provides protein for vegetarians?

a)Lentils, beans and pulses
b)Fruits and vegetables
c)Milk, cheese and cream
d)Both a and b

9.Which vitamin is good for the eye sight?

a)Vitamin C
b)Vitamin D
c)Vitamin A
d)Vitamin B

10.Vitamin D is essential for

a)Growth and repair of tissues
b)Prevention of rickets (bone disorder)
c)Providing energy
d)Regulating sugar level in the blood

11.Which provide most of the body�s energy?

a)Carbohydrates and fats
b)Fats and vitamins
c)Protein and carbohydrates
d)Protein and minerals

12.Protein is essential for

a)Body growth and tissue repair
b)Providing energy and warmth
c)Strenthening bones

13.Which of the following foods can Vegans eat?

a)Cabbage, potatoes and cheese
b)Eggs, chicken and beef
c)Rice, vegetables and pasta

14.food allergies or intolerances are found in the following foods

a)Nuts, strawberries, milk
b)Eggs, wheat, honey
c)Sugar, apples and potatoes
d)Both a and b

15.Iron is not present in

a)Chicken and milk
b)Beef and liver
c)peas and grapes

16.People with diabetes need to control eating less of food containing

d)Both a and c

17.Which food is an alternative for people who are allergic to milk products?

a)Soya milk or rice milk
b)Pasteurised milk
c)Skimmed milk
d)Neither of them

18.Which foods can Muslim people eat?

a)Koshered chicken or beef
b)Pork, lamb or fish
c)Halal chicken, beef or lamb

19.Which foods can Jewish people eat?

a)Halal chicken, beef or lamb
b)Kosher chicken, beef or lamb
c)Pork, chicken or fish

20.Which foods can Hindu people eat?

a)Beef, lamb or chicken
b)Vegetables, lentils or pulses
c)Pork, lamb or chicken

21.Which food can Rastafarians not eat