Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Educator


This site is suitable for student studying L3 Diploma for Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator). In total, there are 26 units structured around 3 themes:

- Health and well-being

- Legislation, frameworks and professional practice

- Play, development and learning for school readiness

View and revise the core learning material and then check how much you have learned by doing the self-assessments. Reinforce your learning further by doing the activities which have been designed to help you implement your knowledge.

All the units provide bite size information to support you with classroom learning and assignments. For further insight, click on the menu to access the online case studies, resources, and links related to your topic.

Note that the information on this site is designed for revision purposes and not to replace classroom learning. The contents should not be copied due to plagiarism.

Begin by clicking on left for access to the themes and units.

Books for reading:

Play & Learn Toddler Activities Book

Early Years Nutrition and Healthy Weigt

Learning Theories Simplified

An Introduction to Child Development

100 Ideas for Early Years Practitioners
Observation, Assessment and Planning