Toys to support learning and development

Play is at the heart of children's emotional well-being, it brings so much fun and joy. It is the ultimate medium where children can express feeling, thoughts and ideas. They can create a fantasy world that allows imagination to run wild or they can explore the real world through their senses. It is through play that children gain an understanding of the world, develop personality and acquire host of skills that enable them to be independent and confident.

Parents can help to enhance their child's world of play by focusing on toys, games and equipment that will not only bring pleasure but will provide stimulation, motivation as well as learning and development. A kaleidoscope of toys and games ranging from the humble teddy bear to the simple ball or the electronic gadgets to the sophisticated board games will appeal to every child and light up their soul. But, which one is the most effective in promoting learning and development, cost less and brings the greatest pleasure?

To give a child a great play experience, consider the following factors:
- Age of the child - ability to engage with the toys
- Toys should be age appropriate for safety reasons
- Safety standards label 'CE' or 'Kite' mark should be displayed on the toys
- Child's interest and desires
- Children with special needs: educational, sensory and physical

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