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Revise Easy brings students to an interactive and useful learning platform that makes studying enjoyable, quick and easy. The site is universally designed to provide on-line revision at levels that supports classroom and home learning. Revise Easy also, supplements your existing notes and assists you with your exams and assignments.

Revise Easy aims to provide educational material in a clear and concise manner that is easy to read and understand. The key themes are largely presented in a table format so that in one view a bigger picture is provided. Some information is displayed using bullet points to help you capture the main contents.

Revise Easy is so convenient to read as it provides bite size information which you can access anywhere at any time on a tablet, iphone, laptop or on a computer. It allows you to scan through the contents and revise at your own pace. The site is so simple to use, it makes your revision effortless, efficient and seamless.

In addition, Revise Easy website provides links to topical and extraordinary case studies to reinforce learning. It also gives links to relevant websites for further reading and researching.

For parents, this website serves useful information and links on childcare, well-being and child development. The site also includes an array of activities designed to promote child development in line with the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' framework.

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You can print, modify or adapt the contents to support your learning, but direct copy and pasting of the content for assignment purposes is not permitted due to plagiarism. The contents on this site are designed to support you with classroom learning and not replace your course.

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