CORE 3.1 : Understand child and young person's development

Level 3 Children & Young People's Workforce

During children's and adult lifespan, they will experience some changes biologically, physically and also environmentally such as starting nursery, moving home, progressing from infant school to junior school and so forth. The table below outlines the transitions children will experience and how it will affect them. The table also indicates the types of support that can be available to help children settle.

Different types of transitions

Transitions Problem experienced Support
Going to nursery for the first time. Unable to settle in.

Crying constantly.

Not interacting with anyone.
Allow parent to stay with child at the beginning until child settles.

Initially allow child to bring their favourite toy that they are attached to.

Allocate a key worker who can give one-to-one support to the child and encourage bonding.

Moving from primary to junior school. Feel anxious and scared of new environment and new faces.

Feel alone and lost because they are not familiar with the new building and feel isolated if they don�t know anyone.
Arrange best friends to be in the same class.

Join a buddy friend who can show them around and be their friend.

Arrange visits to the new school before commencing new term.

Bereavement (loss of loved one). Feel angry.

Feel depressed.

Unable to sleep.

Loss of appetite.

Withdrawal from interacting with others.
Arrange to see a counsellor.

Family members spend more time with the child.

Other close relatives talk and listen to the child.

Childhood to puberty Can you think of the problems experienced. Can you think of What type of support can be offered.
Long term medical conditions Can you think of the problems experienced. Can you think of What type of support can be offered.


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